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Mostly Medieval: Exploring the Middle Ages

After researching and writing a novel set in 13th century Scotland, Susan Wallace decided to develop a Web site that would contain information about heraldry, myths, religion, and medicine during the Middle Ages. The site is divided into seven thematic areas, including "Ballads," "Beasties," "Heraldry," and "Medicine." In the "Ballads" section, visitors can read a complete text version (or...
Mostly Medieval: Exploring the Middle Ages

Mostly Medieval accurately describes this webpage, and it's a rather fine potpourri of information related to the Middle Ages. The site was created by Susan Wallace as the result of a research for a novel set in 13th century Scotland. Visitors can make their way through sections such as "Ballads," "Beasties," "Book of Days," "God and War," and "Heraldry." The "Ballads" area is a nice place to...
The Making of Charlemagne's Europe

For researchers and instructors of medieval European history, the Making of Charlemagne's Europe is a database of primary source material that provides insight into Europe under the rule of Charlemagne (768- 814 AD). This database, which was created by the Department of History and the Department of Digital Humanities at King's College London, has two main aims. The first is to "offer a single,...
Historia Cartarum: Meditations on the Historical Production of Spaces

Readers with an interest in medieval history and maps, as well as those who delight in quirky historical facts, may enjoy exploring Historia Cartarum. This intriguing site is the creation of John Wyatt Greenlee, a doctoral candidate in medieval studies at Cornell University whose "research is primarily driven by questions of how people perceive and reproduce their spaces: how movement through the...