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View Resource Zoom Dinosaurs

This colorful, informative and cluttered site is "a comprehensive on-line hypertext book about dinosaurs" by Enchanted Learning Software. Designed for students "of all ages and levels of comprehension," Zoom Dinosaurs is most appropriate for the K-12 level. Topics are presented at a basic level (e.g., All About Dinosaurs, Anatomy & Behavior, Mesozoic Era), but by clicking on hyperlinked text,...
View Resource Newly found bipedal reptile fossil predates dinosaurs by more than 60 million years

The November 3rd edition of the journal Science contains news of the recent discovery of what might be the earliest bipedal reptile. This page from the University of Toronto is an illustrated news release about the discovery. The 290-million-year-old fossil, found in Germany in 1993, looks like an upright lizard approximately 25-30 cm long with forearms and a long tail. The reptile lived before...
View Resource Talk of the Nation, Science Friday 04/21/2000

This resource refers to the recent discovery of a fossilized dinosaur heart that was reported in the April 21, 2000 issue of the Journal Science. This heart of a small herbivore called a Thescelosaurus reveals a structure "more like that of a bird or a mammal than those of reptiles, adding substantially to evidence suggesting that at least some dinosaurs had high metabolic rates." This audio...