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Prairie ecology

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View Resource Illinois Department of Natural Resources: Prairie Establishment and Landscaping

This website features a hypertext version of _Prairie Establishment and Landscaping_, an Illinois Department of Natural Resources Technical Publication by William E. McClain. The hypertext offers a good overview of prairies and contains two main sections on Prairie Establishment and Prairie Plants in Landscape Design. The text's subsections provide brief coverage of prairie history, seed...
View Resource Fermilab Education Office-Illinois Ecosystem Project: Photos & Information about Prairie Plants

From the Fermilab Education Office -- named after the world famous physicist Enrico Fermi and located amidst a tallgrass prairie -- this website offers a nice collection of prairie information and interactive programs for students. The first section contains images and profiles for plants like Big Bluestem, Mountain Mint, Compass Plant, Black-eyed Susan, and more. Each plant profile includes a...
View Resource Prairies

Like hiking amidst alpine wildflowers in high summer, wandering through redwood groves in the winter rain, and watching sprouts emerge in the spring, the experience of standing in a tallgrass prairie in the fall can be quite incredible. The following websites take a look at the North American prairie, an important and endangered ecosystem. Created by Dr. Kenneth R. Robertson, a botanist at the...