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Great Ideas in Personality: Psychology Theory and Research

Created and maintained by G. Scott Acton, a PhD in psychology from Northwestern University, this site functions as a gateway to materials relating to personality theory. The Website offers introductory, often hypertext essays on various topics in personality theory followed by an annotated listing of relevant links. Some of the topics covered include attachment theory, basic emotions, behavior...
C.G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture

C.G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture is a publishing site on the World Wide Web devoted to Jungian psychology and related fields. Articles, papers, book and film reviews, Jungian directories, course listings and other announcements are available.
The History of Phrenology on the Web

Popular in early nineteenth-century Europe (especially in Britain), and later in America, phrenology was the controversial belief that one could determine the character and intellectual traits of a person by examining the shape and contours of the skull ("reading the bumps on your head"). Created and maintained by John van Wyhe of Cambridge University, this site claims to be "the largest and most...
American Psychological Association Help Center

The American Psychological Association (APA) Help Center offers useful facts, information, and advice on how psychological services can help people cope with problems such as stress, depression, family strife, or chronic illness. The site provides sections devoted to psychology in the workplace, the health implications of the mind/ body connection, family and personal relationships, and psychology...
American Psychological Society: Psychological Research on the Net

Posted by the American Psychological Society (see the May 6, 1994 Scout Report), this Website presents an extensive annotated list of psychological research currently being conducted on the Web. In addition to a new studies section, topics include health psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, personality studies, psychology and religion, sensation and perception, social psychology,...
History & Theory of Psychology Eprint Archive

This eprint server is "offered as a free service to the community of scholarly historians and theoreticians of psychology with the goal of promoting the rapid dissemination of new work in the field." Christopher D. Green of the History & Theory of Psychology Program at York University (Toronto, Canada), maintains HTP Prints with support from York's Arts Technology Support Group, and the papers...
The Human Nature Review

While attempting to cover one area of scholarly discipline in a Web site may be a formidable task, the editors of the Human Nature Review are concerned with any substantive scholarship or research dealing with human nature in its entirety. As the Web site notes: "Our goal is to bring into communication the variety of approaches to the understanding of human nature which have a regrettable tendency...

This Web site contains the virtual version of ScienceTunnel, a museum exhibit currently at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, England. Created by the Max-Planck-Society, ScienceTunnel invites visitors to "travel through the dimensions of this world and onward to the outskirts of our knowledge." Visitors explore twelve orders of magnitude, from the composition of subatomic particles...
National Institute of Mental Health: Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Developed as a public service by the National Institute of Mental Health, this Web site contains a wealth of materials that will be very useful to mental health practitioners, parents, and those who work with young people in any capacity. First-time visitors will want to read the brief notes on the mental health of children and adolescents, as well as the section dealing with the treatment of...
Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence

Founded in 1996 with support from the Fetzer Institute, the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence is dedicated to advancing the research and practice related to emotional intelligence in organizations. With 25 current members from a variety of fields ranging from academic appointments to consultants, the Consortium continues to fulfill its mandate to "study all that is known about...
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