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View Resource Gulf of Mexico Integrated Science

The US Geological Survey Gulf of Mexico Integrated Science Web site contains information on the collaborative project being undertaken to assess and monitor Gulf of Mexico estuaries. "The key to understanding complex estuarine systems lies in understanding the interactions between geological framework and biological, geochemical and hydrological processes." The site provides information on the...
View Resource USGS: Hurricane and Extreme Storm Impact Studies

This website discusses the USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program's studies of the extent and causes of hurricanes' and extreme storms' coastal impacts in order to improve the ability to predict coastal change. Students can find a tutorial about hurricanes, El Ni'os, and Northeasters. The site provides a map of the current tropical storm tracks. Researchers can learn about the USGS's use of video...
View Resource NOAA Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management

In light of a number of recent events, there is increased concern about the management of America's coastal and ocean resources. It is a pressing issue for economic reasons, along with the simple fact that over fifty percent of the U.S. population lives close to the coastlines of two oceans and the Great Lakes. Persons interested in these matters will appreciate the NOAA Office of Ocean and...
View Resource National Sea Grant Library: Digital Libraries

Based at the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography, the National Sea Grant Library (NSGL) has a wealth of digital resources available for educators with a distinctly marine focus. Of course, this material is meant to complement their print holdings, and for those who can't make it out to Rhode Island, these digital educational materials will be most helpful. Visitors can...
View Resource Interactives: Oceanus Magazine

Many scientists consider the Earth’s oceans to hold some of the last real mysteries on the planet, with new species still being discovered every year and the depths of the deepest seas yet unexplored. These engaging interactives from the Woods Hole Oceanagraphic Institution were a clear reader favorite, bringing blue water and sundry sea life onto our monitors and into our conversations. Of...

View Resource Ocean Data Viewer

Created and managed by a team of partners, including the United Nations, the Ocean Data Viewer was developed "to help inform decisions that are important for the conservation of marine and coastal biodiversity." The Data Viewer website is elegant and intuitive, even for neophytes, and it offers sixteen datasets combined in a mashup style format with a political map of the world. On the homepage,...