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Image files -- Software.


GIF Wizard

GIF Wizard, originally provided by Raspberry Hill Publishing, is an online multi-platform utility that reduces the size of GIF files in order to decrease download time. Users simply enter the URL of the page that contains the GIF(s), and image sizes will be reduced up to 90%. Also, GIFs can be optimized with best-fit colors, solid Netscape safe colors, and dithered Netscape safe colors--your...
All Search 0.9

All Search is a small piece of software that makes Web browsing, particular within specific sites, a bit easier, along with allowing greater user specificity. The application is especially useful for searching for images, MP3 files, and other items. All Search is also fully integrated with Internet Explorer, and the layout is user-friendly. Finally, All Search is compatible with all of the Windows...
StudioLine Photo Basic 1.1.12

While this free version of StudioLine Photo Basic weighs in at 27 MB, its capabilities are worth the download time. Some of the features of this program include the ability to import numerous image files without compression and the ability to share picture thumbnails. Users can also use the program to turn their computer into a slide projector and upload entire Web galleries to the Internet. The...
ReaConverter Pro v3.2

This handy application allows users to convert a multitude of images at one time, utilizing a command line utility so that users may process images in console mode. Users have the capability to convert images to a number of formats and may also resize, crop, rotate and mirror images. Equally interesting is the fact that users may also modify images using a sharpen tool, along with effects such as...
StudioLine Photo Basic 3.3

With more people using digital cameras, it seems that the number of photographs taken on a daily basis has grown exponentially. There are a number of applications designed to help individuals manage these burgeoning collections, and StudioLine Photo Basic 3.3 is one of the better ones available. The application allows users to utilize a variety of image manipulation tools, such as red-eye...
StudioLine Photo Basic 3.4

Within the world of high-quality photo management programs, there are a number of fine options available at no charge. One of the better applications in this genre is definitely StudioLine Photo Basic. Features of this program include the ability to remove the dreaded “red-eye” as well as 30 different image manipulation and modification tools. For added convenience, photos can be emailed or...

A number of helpful photo gallery applications have been released in the past few weeks, and Gallery is certainly one of the better ones available. With this application users can create photo galleries with ease, create themes for each album, and also administer the usage of the galleries as well. Additionally, users can publish their photo galleries with RSS. This version is compatible with...
StudioLine Photo Basic 3.4.13

Summer is upon us, and it is certainly a time to make a visual record of family gatherings, trips to the Atlas Mountains, or other such occasions. StudioLine Photo Basic 3.4.13 is a good way to organize such photographic memories, as users can sort their images into albums and folders, and also utilize some of their 30 image tools to modify their existing images. These tools can assist with...
Photo Organizer 2.34b

Photo Organizer 2.34b goes above and beyond the call of photo gallery duty by offering users the opportunity to not only store their images, but to also create detailed annotations for each image. The program is capable of handling thousands of images and users can also print, tag, export, and search images as they wish. This version is compatible with computers running Windows 98 and newer.

Capturing images and screen shots can be tricky, and it's nice to hear about new applications that can help out with such tasks. ScreenFlow allows users to create screen recordings and it also includes an array of editing options. Visitors should note that this is a trial version, and that the full-featured version costs $99. This version is compatible with computers running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
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