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GRATIS! is a site dedicated to the proposition that everybody deserves something for nothing every once in a while (at least). Every week, GRATIS! sifts through the mountains of free (and *allegedly* free) software and services available online, and reports its findings to readers. Coverage is not restricted to the World Wide Web. Since GRATIS! covers everything available on the entire Internet,...

Jumbo: the "official" shareware site of the Web. This searchable archive contains over 24,000 shareware and freeware programs. Categories include: business, home and personal, programming, utilities, and words and graphics. Within each category, programs are cataloged by operating system. The entire archive is a searchable by program category and operating system. There is a short...
Jigsaw Overview

W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium (last described in the Scout Report for November 27, 1998), has recently released Jigsaw 2.0.0 to the general public. Jigsaw is "W3C's leading-edge Web server platform, providing a sample HTTP 1.1 implementation and a variety of other features on top of an advanced architecture implemented in Java." Jigsaw is meant to be a flexible and continually evolving, yet...
OstroSoft Internet Tools 4

You're trying to browse through your favorite site, but the pages are loading at a snail's pace. Has the site caught the fancy of the world at large and been overwhelmed with users? Is your ISP trying to pinch pennies and sign up more customers than their network can support? Or is the problem somewhere else? With Traceroute, one of the utilities in OstroSoft's Internet Tools 4 package, you'll...

iMesh is a file-sharing program, like Gnutella, that allows users to locate and download audio, image, and video files from the computers of other iMesh users. Searches can be conducted using iMesh or through the iMesh Website. The latest version includes several useful features, such as simultaneous downloads, the option to select which files you want to share and control which files your...
Drop Drawers 1.5.8

This nifty shareware program from Sig Software places pull-out/ snap-shut "drawers" on the sides of users' screens, which can store items for easy access. In addition to storing text (which can be inserted into any program via keyboard shortcuts), users can store email addresses, URLs, thumbnails, sounds, movies, aliases to frequently used files, and more. The help documentation is easy to...
RoboForm 4.2.0

Roboform, offered by Tucows, Inc., is a free one-click web form filler and password manager. Version 4.2.0 is available for Internet Explorer 4 or 5 and Netscape 6 for PC and Mac. The utility adds task bar buttons to automatically fill in stored personal information to those frequently used web based forms as well as a handy web page password manager.
AbiWord 0.9.6

Similar to Microsoft Word, AbiWord is a free word processing program that allows users to type papers, letters, reports, memos, etc. AbiWord is unique among word processors because of "its drive to become a fully cross-platform word processor." It can run on virtually any operating system with a minimum amount of porting time and is accessible in several languages. AbiWord has just been awarded...
ACD/ChemSketch Freeware

In August of 2000, Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD) released the free all-purpose chemical drawing and graphics software ChemSketch; recently, ACD announced its 150,000th download. The software allows users to "click and draw molecules, ions, stereobonds, text, polygons, arrows, and do automatic calculation of Molecular Weight and formula and see estimates of density, refractive index, molar...
Finale Notepad 2002

Finale Notepad 2002 is a nifty musical notation tool offered for free download by Coda Music Technology. Available for both Windows and Macintosh, the software enables sheet music creation on the computer via user-friendly interfaces, intuitive wizards, and simple icons. For musicians that need a simple software package to write and compose music, Finale Notepad 2002 will probably function...
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