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View Resource The Webmaster's Reference Library is a comprehensive HTML reference page (originally by Athenia Associates). At its heart are two main sections, Web/Net and Webmaster, found under Table of Contents. Web/Net contains information about the Internet and Web, organized under 15 categories, from agents to tutorials. Webmaster contains information about Web site creation in over 15 categories, including advanced topics...
View Resource Jumbo!

Jumbo: the "official" shareware site of the Web. This searchable archive contains over 24,000 shareware and freeware programs. Categories include: business, home and personal, programming, utilities, and words and graphics. Within each category, programs are cataloged by operating system. The entire archive is a searchable by program category and operating system. There is a short...
View Resource ECN Online (Electronic Component News): The Engineer's Product Source

This site, a product of the Chilton Company, features the Electronic Industry Telephone Directory (EITD), a browsable and searchable list of "over 30,000 sources of electronic products and services and more than 3,000 product categories." A no-nonsense search interface allows user entry into the database via product or company (Boolean AND and phrase searching only are supported at this time and...
View Resource Resources for Programmers and Developers, created by EarthWeb, offers a wealth of resources and information for software developers. This sizeable site consists largely of Internet-related resources and programming tools, but it also contains numerous general purpose development resources. Among the offerings are over 150 free, online, full-text books with subjects ranging from ActiveX to Website management; a large library...
View Resource Drop Drawers 1.5.8

This nifty shareware program from Sig Software places pull-out/ snap-shut "drawers" on the sides of users' screens, which can store items for easy access. In addition to storing text (which can be inserted into any program via keyboard shortcuts), users can store email addresses, URLs, thumbnails, sounds, movies, aliases to frequently used files, and more. The help documentation is easy to...
View Resource FontAgent 8.7.1

FontAgent (formerly known as Font Box) can help eliminate font problems by repairing corrupt, duplicate, and unmatched fonts and creating an organized font library to eliminate font headaches. Published by Insider Software, Inc., this product can build a new organized font library and provide complete font repairs. Click on the above URL to download the free Macintosh demo. The demo will test...
View Resource Trillian

Released by Cerulean Studios, Trillian 0.73 is an instant messaging tool that serves as a one-stop portal for all chat traffic. This handy tool imports chat specifics (such as passwords, buddy lists, and client preferences) into a single interface and allows users to simultaneously connect with five Internet chat engines: Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, mIRC, and AIM. An updated version from...
View Resource Project of the Month

SourceForge, described as the most prominent repository of open source software, selects an outstanding contribution to recognize on its Project of the Month Web site. As with all open source projects, the software can be freely downloaded, used, and modified. Examples of past projects of the month include an instant messaging client, a 3D game developing kit, and a tool for porting applications...
View Resource Developing an Open Source Option for NASA Software

A NASA technical report from April 2003 suggests that the agency switch to an open source software development strategy. This report, written at a very basic level, allows for a general audience to understand what constitutes open source and why it can be useful. The 52-page report gives several definitions and outlines benefits associated with such a switch from several different standpoints....
View Resource Munich Chooses SuSE Linux over Microsoft

The open source software movement has been gaining momentum over the past few years, as was affirmed by a fairly major announcement from the local government of Munich, Germany in May 2003. The city's decision to switch all of its 14,000 computers to run open source applications and operating systems is described in a news article from Computer World.
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