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Color computer graphics -- Software.

View Resource Aha-soft: ArtIcons

ArtIcons 3.16, a product by Aha-soft, allows users to find, create, edit, import, and export icons, as well as manage icon libraries. This product creates and edits icons in standard or custom sizes and in color depths up to 32-bit True Color. ArtIcons 3.16 contains various graphic tools, including enhanced gradient and chess fill. Users can import icons from image, cursor and library files,...
View Resource UCSF Chimera: An Extensible Molecular Modeling System

Chimera is a multi-faceted, interactive molecular graphics program, which can be downloaded from the Web site of the Computer Graphics Laboratory (CGL) at the University of California--San Francisco. Any interested user is welcome to use this molecular modeling software at no charge for academic, government, non-profit, or personal use. An astonishingly wide array of applications are possible with...
View Resource Computer Graphics & Digital Animation

Computer graphics is a term that encompasses a wide range of sciences and techniques. To understand some of the processes involved in generating computer graphics, Cornell University offers this detailed introduction to the subject (1). The site contains explanations and a series of pictures that illustrate object rendering, shading, ray tracing, and more. Computer graphics has seen rapid...
View Resource WallSwitch 1.2.1

Maybe you're growing tired of your desktop wallpaper. Never fear, as WallSwitch can prevent things from getting stale. Visitors can use their photo folders or other images as fodder for the WallSwitch program, which will cycle them through at various intervals. Also, there is a collage mode, which offers another way to display images. The program also has cross-fading transitions and the ability...

Screenshot for WallSwitch 1.2.1
View Resource Colorific 4.0

The Colorific add-on for Mozilla Firefox can be used to turn a webpage into a horse of a different color. Visitors can use the add-on to invert colors, adapt brightness and apply color filters. This version of Colorific is compatible with all computers running Windows and Firefox version 17.0 and newer.

Screenshot for Colorific 4.0