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A commercial network of nearly 9000 independent booksellers, is an excellent source for those users looking for out-of-print, rare, or used books. With a database that offers over 30 million books, the site provides advanced search capabilities, full e-commerce options, and a user-friendly interface. Also of note, the site recently extended into the international marketplace,...
View Resource Access in the Future Tense

The Council on Library and Information Resources produces a number of written works to inform the community of library specialists on a host of important and pressing topics, including preservation awareness, resources for scholarship, and digital libraries. This particular work came out of an invitational conference sponsored by the Council in May 2003 which was designed "to examine the key...
View Resource Connecting to Collections

In a recent report on the state of America's collections, The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) noted that over 190 million objects need conservation treatment and 65 percent of collecting institutions have damaged collections due to improper storage. In order to raise public awareness and inspire action, the IMLS has created the "Connection to Collections" website. On the site,...
View Resource Northwestern University Library: Data & Methods Bank

How does one conduct a collection assessment? It's a very timely question and one that is answered most thoroughly via this guide from the Northwestern University Library. Clicking on the What is in this Guide? link will help interested parties navigate the swath of material available here on topics like interdisciplinary analysis, qualitative methods, and how to interpret library data. As the...