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The Cost of Digital Image Distribution: The Social and Economic Implications of the Production, Distribution and Usage of Image Data: Final Report

This newly released report is the product of a 22-month UC Berkeley study of the Museum Educational Site Licensing Project (MESL), a two-year experimental collaboration between seven cultural repositories and seven universities that distributed approximately 10,000 images for classroom use and individual research. The report found that, while the higher education community is enthusiastic about...
Historic Pittsburgh

This joint project by the University of Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania Historical Society provides access to digitized books, maps, and archival collections documenting the history of the city of Pittsburgh, its residents, and the surrounding Allegheny County. The Full-Text Collection contains text and illustrations from more than 60 books, including multi-volume histories of Pittsburgh...
Cornell University Library Math Book Collection

The Cornell University Library has scanned over 570 original math books from their collection and placed them online. The volumes can be accessed here in their entirety. The collection may prove especially useful to mathematicians without access to a first-rate math library. A great many of the books are in languages other than English, notably French and German. Among these historically...
Metadata For Digital Preservation: The Cedars Outline Specification

The Cedars Project, a Higher Education initiative funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee, based at Oxford, Cambridge, and the University of Leeds, has posted online its "outline specification for metadata to ensure long-term preservation for digital materials." The 33-page .pdf document details the Project's approach to preserving data as part of the Cedars Demonstrator Project and...
Guides to Quality in Visual Resource Imaging

On July 17, the Research Libraries Group (RLG), Digital Libraries Federation (DLF), and the Council on Library and Information Resources announced a new set of five guides to the technical and planning aspects of digital imaging of visual resources. As the official press release notes, "this new Web-based reference is designed to serve the growing community of museums, archives, and research...
Moving Theory into Practice: Digital Imaging Tutorial

The World Wide Web gives us an unprecedented opportunity to provide people around the globe with access to significant historical and cultural works. However, the Web, by its very nature, requires those works to be in some electronically transmittable form before they can be made available, and most historical documents, by their very nature, are in a form well-removed from the computerized world...
Attributes of a Trusted Digital Repository: Meeting the Needs of Research Resources

In March 2000, Research Libraries Group and OCLC formed a collaboration to establish attributes of digital repositories for research institutions. These organizations sought to build on the work of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) model and the 1996 report Preserving Digital Information: Report of the Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information (discussed in the June 14, 1996 Scout...
Wright American Fiction (1851-1875)

The Indiana University Digital Library Program recently unveiled this collection of American fiction that attempts to include every novel published in the United States from 1851 to 1875. It includes "works by well known writers such as Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Herman Melville, along with a great many forgotten authors, whose works may have been very popular in...
Archiving Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data: A Guide to Good Practice

A 1998 publication in the AHDS Guide to Good Practice series provides guidance for the "documentation and digital preservation of aerial photographs, satellite imagery, and archaeological interpretations derived from these sources." This guide was written by a team of European archaeologists, geographers, and digital archivists for publication by the Archaeology Data Service (ADS). The ADS is...
New-Model Scholarship: How Will it Survive?

This important 55-page report originated out of meeting held in 2002 by the Council on Library and Information Resources that brought together scholars, librarians, archivists, publishers, and other concerned parties to discuss the preservation of digital scholarly resources. Authored by Abby Smith (March 2003), this timely work is informed by these discussions, and offers some initial appraisals...
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