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Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616

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The Oxford Shakespeare (see the March 24, 2000 Scout Report) has placed this work online. Described as "the most authoritative Shakespeare freely available on the Internet," the site is an electronic version of the 1,350-page 1914 Oxford edition of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Containing 37 plays and 154 sonnets, The Oxford Shakespeare may be browsed by play, act, and scene, or sonnet, or...
William Shakespeare Collection at

At the Bartleby Shakespeare Collection page, users will also find over 1,500 Shakespeare quotations selected by John Bartlett, anthologized verse, and some essays on Shakespeare, including T.S. Eliot's "Hamlet and His Problems."
Illustrated Shakespeare, 1826 - 1919

For illustrations of puckish glee, turn to this digital collection from the University of Wisconsin - Madison Libraries, which includes selections from twelve works by and about William Shakespeare (and a few other British playwrights), originally published in places ranging from Philadelphia to Leipzig, dating 1826 - 1919. The books chosen for this digital collection are heavily illustrated...
PBS: In Search of Shakespeare

Ben Jonson's now legendary epitaph for William Shakespeare ("He was not of an age, but for all time"), has become part of the common lore surrounding the man who is arguably the most famous playwright of all time. Numerous documentaries exist focusing on the Immortal Bard, but this new four-part series from PBS (with this accompanying website), represents the first time that a full-scale life of...
Treasures in Full: Shakespeare in Quarto

With this website, the British Library brings collation (the comparison of variant texts in different copies of a printed book), formerly the province of literary scholars, into the hands of any interested novice. Shakespeare in Quarto presents digitized versions of all 21 of Shakespeare's plays that were published in quarto before 1642. These 21 plays appeared in more than 70 quarto editions, and...
New book claims to identify the ‘real’ Shakespeare

Focus: Is this an imposter I see before me,,2087-1817581,00.html Welcome to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust [pdf] Royal Shakespeare Company [Macromedia Flash Player] Shakespeare’s...
Furness Image Collection

If you're a fan of Shakespeare, you're going to love the University of Pennsylvania Library's online Furness Image Collection. Composed of books, manuscripts, artifacts, and over 2,000 prints and photographs, this archive of material is not just about Shakespeare's works, but also about the history of Shakespearean theatrical presentations. The theatrical performers and performances of such...
Folger Shakespeare Library

The Folger Shakespeare Library opened in 1932 as a gift to the United States from Henry Clay Folger and his wife Emily Jordan Folger. Located in Washington, DC, the Library continues to be administered by a board of governors from Amherst College, Mr. Folger's alma mater. As one might imagine, the site has a great deal to offer those looking for materials related to Shakespeare, and the "Discover...
And There's the Humor of it: Shakespeare and the Four Humors

William Shakespeare was happy to write about blood, bile, melancholy, and phlegm at length. During his time, balances of these four humors were thought to affect physical and mental health, along with defining individual personalities. These humors bred the emotions of anger, grief, hope, and fear, all of which can be found in Shakespeare's works in varying intensities. This digital exhibit from...
Shakespeare Unlimited

While the exact date of William Shakespeare's birth and death are disputed, historians believe that this past week - April 23rd, to be exact - marked both the 453rd anniversary of his birth in 1564 and the 401st anniversary of his death in 1616. For Shakespeare aficionados, the Folger Shakespeare Library hosts Shakespeare Unlimited, a thirty-minute podcast dedicated to all things related to the...
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