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Exercise -- Physiological aspects

View Resource Sportscience Forum

SPORTSCIENCE is an open, moderated-no-edit list primarily for researchers interested in the science of sport and exercise performance. Topics include ergogenic aids, field and physiological tests, nutrition, diet and supplementation, performance enhancement, sport in extreme environments, training, and topics from other disciplines if related to physical performance. Notices about conferences,...
View Resource American Council on Exercise

Founded in 1985, the American Council on Fitness is largely known for operating as a fitness certification and education provider. Fortunately for the average person looking for helpful information about exercise materials, the Council website is a treasure trove of free resources on the subject. Not surprisingly, most of these materials are contained within the "Get Fit!" section of the site....
View Resource Mayo Clinic: Fitness Center

The Mayo Clinic offers a wide range of outreach services for the general public, including websites providing basic information about cancer, smoking cessation techniques, and others. Their online Fitness Center website will be a real boon to anyone who is looking to pick up some basic fitness awareness, learn about strength training, or read up on sports nutrition. First-time visitors can start...