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Online chat groups -- Psychological aspects


View Resource NETDYNAM

NETDYNAM is a list dedicated to an examination of online group dynamics: the purpose will be to examine the process itself of writing through listservers -- perceptions of the other participants, the dynamics of flame wars, power and persuasion, what is effective communication and why.... This will ideally be done in an atmosphere of mutual support and trust but it -- emphatically -- will not be...
View Resource The Psychology of Cyberspace

Created and maintained by Professor John Suler of Rider University, The Psychology of Cyberspace is a frequently updated interactive document that provides "an evolving conceptual framework for understanding the various psychological components of cyberspace." Currently, the site contains six major components: The Fundamental Psychological Qualities of Cyberspace, The Psychology of the Individual...
View Resource Chat Definitions

If you're new to internet chat, you'll need to know how to say you're stepping out and that you'll be right back (BRB) or that you're currently amused so much that you're rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL). And, you'll definitely want to know if the rest of the chat group thinks you're "lurking," or simply sitting in on a discussion without participating. Enjoy these shorthand secrets. L8R...