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Alzheimer's disease -- Computer network resources

View Resource The Alzheimer Page: Washington University in St. Louis

The Alzheimer Disease Research Center server is provided by the Washington University Medical Center in St. Louis. It is hoped that professional and caregivers alike will find the gopher server useful in relaying information about Alzheimer disease and related dementias. This server contains a large number of links to WWW and Gopher material and houses the archives of the ALZHEIMER mailing list....
View Resource The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer's

Half of the people over age 85 in the United States are living with Alzheimer's disease, yet despite this fact, many people do not have an adequate understanding of what living with this affliction can be like. With funding from the MetLife Foundation, PBS (in collaboration with Twin Cities Public Television) has created this website to complement a recent program on Alzheimer's disease. The site...
View Resource Inside the Brain: An Interactive Tour

The human brain is in many ways a fantastic and enigmatic part of the body, and only within the past few decades have scientists begun to understand its many nooks and crannies. When the brain is beset with any number of neurological conditions, it changes in a myriad of ways. This website, provided by the Alzheimer's Association, provides an interactive tour of the brain of a person with...