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Birds, Protection of -- Societies, etc.

Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas (WBBA)

Initiated in 1995, the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas (WBBA) is an on-going project to document all bird species breeding in the state of Wisconsin. A project of the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, WBBA documents the presence and breeding status of bird species detected within a selected 5km x 5km area, as well as (optionally) the estimated abundance of the species and the type of habitat in...
Peregrine Falcons

The first Web site is a fact sheet from the Wildlife Management Division of Alberta Environmental Protection (1) about these fascinating raptors. The Web site for the Peregrine Fund, a pioneer in the peregrine falcon recovery effort, provides this overview of the history of peregrine recovery (2). A program to restore peregrine faclons to Harpers Ferry National Park was started in 2001; this Web...
BirdLife International: State of the World's Birds

Concerns about the world's biodiversity are not new, but the BirdLife International organization has taken on an important challenge by documenting the state of the world's birds via the important research papers featured on this site. The news they offer is not terribly encouraging, but these documents will be important tools for anyone interested in these pressing issues. The primary work here...