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Inner cities -- United States

View Resource Urban Leaders List

The National Urban League is sponsoring the Urban Leaders List as a place to discuss improving inner-city communities for young people and adults. The National Urban League is on a mission of social and educational development of youth, economic self-sufficiency, and racial inclusion. The leadership of all 114 Urban Leagues will be joining the list as well as our volunteers from corporate America,...
View Resource Gang Research.Net

Hosted and maintained by John Hagedorn, a professor of criminal justice at the University of Illinois at Chicago, this site provides information about the nature of gangs around the United States, with a particular emphasis on gangs in Chicago. The prime objective of the site is "to dispel stereotypes and present research, original documents, and helpful links." The site is divided into three main...
View Resource Forgotten NY

Like many urban areas throughout the world, New York has experienced numerous transformations during its storied past, with certain elements of the built environment existing as mere palimpsests amidst more modern surroundings. Kevin Walsh, a lifelong New Yorker, has fashioned this fun and informative tribute to the various elements of the city's compelling past. The sections featured on the site...