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View Resource The Lost Ark

From its very emergence within the pages of the Old Testament, the Ark of the Covenant has been imbued with a certain enigmatic quality and has subsequently been the subject of more than a few fervent searches, including one that took place within a rather speculative major Hollywood movie. This interesting website from The Learning Channel takes visitors through the Ark's interesting history and... - Parts-NonActive/Capac...
View Resource The Tertullian Project

Despite the fact that he did not write a systematic theology, Tertullian remains one of the most studied early Christian theologians, and some have even called him the first Protestant. After converting to Christianity in the year 197, he became a formidable defender of the faith, and later became known for his many writings, most notably Apologeticus and Ad Nationes. This particular site is...
View Resource The Goodspeed New Testament Manuscript Collection

Collections of ancient Christian manuscripts and texts have always been the province of bibliophiles, scholars, and erudite members of the clergy. One particular person who was quite interested in such manuscripts was the late Edgar J. Goodspeed. Born in tiny Quincy, Ill., Goodspeed went to study at the University of Chicago, and after completing his studies he spent a significant amount of time...
View Resource The American Colony in Jerusalem

The American Colony in Jerusalem was founded in 1881 by two Midwesterners, Anna and Horatio Spafford, with the intent of beginning a Christian utopian society. Over the group's 60-year history, they were able to engage in a variety of philanthropic outreach efforts (such as running soup kitchens, hospitals, and orphanages) without proselytizing. Drawing on a number of pieces of historical ephemera...