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National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT)

The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) site is designed for people interested in archeology, historic architecture, historic landscapes, materials conservation or history. It contains information about NCPTT programs; announcements of jobs, conferences, grants, and workshops; and a lot of links to other preservation-related Internet resources.
The Star-Spangled Banner Preservation Project

This recently expanded site from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History is intended to serve as "the most comprehensive on-line resource about the 186-year-old banner, which inspired the words to the National Anthem." The site offers a number of illustrated short essays, tracing the history of the flag and the national anthem and preservation efforts over the years. It also features...
Ohio Exploration Society

Frequently updated, the Ohio Exploration Society site is devoted to documenting the history and development of numerous sites of cultural importance, including cemeteries, Indian mounds, parks, and other aspects of the built environment. Extensive photo documentation is offered on the site, with commentary on each of the locales that provides background information about the history of each site....
Mount Vernon

Owned and operated by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association since 1858, the home and grounds at Mount Vernon were home to George Washington for over 45 years. While the site contains ample information for those planning to visit the home in person, there are several nice online features here for persons who cannot make the trip. The Mansion Tour is one such feature, as it allows visitors to the...
Historic New England

In 1910, William Sumner Appleton founded the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities. Today, the organization is known as Historic New England and it operates a range of historic properties throughout the region. The homepage offers nine primary sections, including Events and Programs, Publications, Preservation, and Collections, Archives, and Exhibitions. The first area is a...
National Trust for Historic Preservation releases 2008 list of endangered sites

With place on National Trust's endangered list, Dallas' Statler Hilton isn't going anywhere Chicago's Michigan Avenue 'streetwall' named to list of nation's 11 most endangered places Boyd Theater makes...
Lighthouse preservation groups search for new uses in a GPS age

NPR: Maine Lighthouse With Fantastic View for Sale [Real Player] Staten Island lighthouses on the auction block Preservation group restoring historic 'Bug...

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has a lively, colorful website called One look at the "History" section of the "About Us" tab and visitors will appreciate the work that the Trust has accomplished by getting more and more types of sites deemed historically valuable. Visitors can check out some of these designated sites in the History section of About Us:...
National Preservation Institute

The National Preservation Institute (NPI) "offers continuing education and professional training for those involved in the management, preservation, and stewardship of cultural heritage." The NPI website is a treasure trove of material for people interested in such matters, along with information on scholarships, online resources, and the Institute's upcoming seminars. The Resources area includes...
Rural Information Center: Historic Preservation Resources

This useful set of historic preservation resources was compiled by the USDA's Rural Information Center. It brings together over 50 full-text "how to" information guides and manuals on general and technical aspects of historic preservation. These guides include specialty resources on historic barns, farms, bridges, schools, battlefields, landscapes, lighthouses, interiors, exteriors, preservation...
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