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View Resource SOFTWARE-QUALITY: Discussions on Delivering High Quality Software Mailing List

SOFTWARE-QUALITY is an open, digested, moderated discussion list on the production and delivery of very high quality software. Topics such as coding techniques for reliability, automation of software testing, quality assurance, design methods, testing strategies, and review techniques are likely to be discussed. SOFTWARE-QUALITY focuses on the practical.
View Resource Tucows Kickoff

The well-known software repository Tucows (first reviewed in the October 18, 1996 Scout Report) has recently made a new addition. Tucows Kickoff is an official product launch site where developers can introduce their new software. All of the newly featured software is briefly reviewed by Tucows staff.
View Resource Munich Chooses SuSE Linux over Microsoft

The open source software movement has been gaining momentum over the past few years, as was affirmed by a fairly major announcement from the local government of Munich, Germany in May 2003. The city's decision to switch all of its 14,000 computers to run open source applications and operating systems is described in a news article from Computer World.
View Resource Heated Debates Over Open Source Software

Open source code has allowed for the proliferation of open source software that competes with the big guns of software development, like Microsoft. Tempers run high, with the key issues focused on differing philosophies on the best business model to use and disputes over copyright, leading to lawsuits and heated online discussions. This issue of Topic in Depth provides an overview of open source...
View Resource Laughing Man 0.3

With all of the rapidly changing websites out there, it may be a bit time-consuming to keep track of those of greatest interest. Stepping into the fray is the webpage monitoring tool, Laughing Man. With this tool, users will be alerted each time a webpage changes, utilizing each individual web servers "last modified date," or otherwise merely generating a hash number based on the contents of the...
View Resource Apple QuickTime Broadcaster 1.5

With this latest application from Apple, users can effectively produce professional-quality live events for online delivery around the world. The combination of the various QuickTime technologies and application makes a wide range of activities possible, including transmitting business meetings or lectures to a host of different online users. The user-friendly interface provides a basic overview...
View Resource Smart System Informer 2.1

It's always a good idea to keep tabs on what programs your computer is running, and Smart System Informer 2.1 is a fine way to do exactly that. The application launches a small tabbed window that helps users quickly scan their system, and it returns information about the video and monitor settings, along with reports on memory use, currently running processes, and a list of all installed programs....