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Antarctica -- Discovery and exploration

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Gateway to Antarctica

The International Centre for Antarctic Information and Research is produces the Gateway Antarctica. This Web server has been set up to provide the international community with information about Antarctica.
Robotic Antarctic Meteorite Search: Antarctica 2000

Carnegie Mellon University's Field Robotics Center is responsible for sending the NOMAD robotic vehicle into the Antarctic to search for meteorites. "Nomad uses robotic technologies to search Antarctic areas, distinguish interesting rock types, and provide autonomous assessment of the terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin of each rock." During the month of January, the robot found four...
Antarctica: Scientific Journeys from McMurdo to the Pole

As a "continent devoted to science," Antarctica offers countless opportunities for researchers from around the world to learn about the history and mechanics of the earth. Exploratorium's latest offering highlights the ice-covered continent and the scientists who have and are studying it. The site includes simple descriptions, exceptional photographs, maps, and learning tools. One unique highlight...
Discover Antarctica

Antarctica is arguably the continent that most people know the least about, so it is nice to find out that the Royal Geographical Society (in partnership with the British Antarctic Survey) has created this website which explores all aspects of life on this landmass. The "Imagining Antarctica" area is a fine place to start, and visitors can watch a short video clip about the continent, test their...
Scott Polar Research Institute: Antarctic Collection

The University of Cambridge's Scott Polar Research Institute has been devoted to studying all aspects of the Arctic and Antarctic since 1920. The Institute also hosts a museum with a number of impressive digitized collections, including this collection of over 2,000 "[o]bjects relating to the history of exploration and science in the Antarctic, from the heroic age to the present day." These items...
Ice Stories: Dispatches from Polar Scientists

The Exploratorium recently decided to celebrate International Polar Year 2007-2008 by giving cameras to a group of penguin biologists, glaciologists, cosmologists, geologists, and marine scientists working in Antarctica and the Arctic. The results of this interesting idea can be found on this site, and visitors will enjoy learning about the thoughts and experiences of the scientists working in...
Race to the End of the Earth

The American Museum of Natural History, along with French and Canadian museums, have produced an exhibit about the two separate 1800 mile journeys of Norwegian Roald Amundsen and Brit Robert Falcon Scott to the South Pole. The web exhibit has many different multimedia features, including an "Interactive Map", along with "Other Interactives" that includes a picture of Captain Robert Scott's rather...
BHL: Antarctic Exploration and Discovery

The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) offers this collection of open-access texts relating to Antarctic exploration and discovery. This collection, which contains 46 titles ranging from the year 1827 through 1963, may be of interest to science and history researchers alike. The collection includes James Weddell's A Voyage towards the South Pole, performed in the years 1822-24; G. Hartwig's 1868 ...