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View Resource ArcData Online

Provided by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), the publishers of ARC/INFO GIS software, this site allows users to create a variety of maps online. ESRI has assembled both basemap data and thematic data sets, allowing users to create traditional geographic feature maps or thematic maps, such as income, crime, or population. Users may download selected GIS data sets as well as...
View Resource Global Positioning System Primer

The Global Positioning System (GPS) Primer, created by the Aerospace Corporation, gives basic information on how a GPS works and the many ways in which it is used. Supplying straight-forward text with a few graphics and illustrations, sections range from "What is Navigation?" to "Military Uses for GPS." Includes a search option and an organized selection of links to other GPS related sites. The...
View Resource GIS Jobs Clearinghouse

Those eager to find a job in GIS can still swing by the Clearinghouse. Job listings are divided by day posted. The site also provides additional online resources for finding a GIS job.
View Resource TerraFly

Associated with the School of Computer Science at Florida International University, the High Performance Database Research Center (HPDRC) released TerraFly in November 2001, a Web-based application that allows users to view Geographic Information Systems (GIS) images. In agreement with TerraFly, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) provides the project with many of its satellite images in...
View Resource Trimble: All About GPS

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a very popular and useful tool, whether you're navigating on a long hike or just driving through an unfamiliar town. A good tutorial that introduces the basics of the technology is found on the Web site of a leading GPS company, Trimble. It starts by describing the underlying concepts of GPS and how it compares to other positioning systems. Then, the...
View Resource The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies

The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies at the University of Arkansas "brings together the considerable expertise of a network of researchers with a long-standing history of GIS development at the University." Visitors of the site will find links to geo-data delivery systems, interactive mapping programs, reports and publications, and a wide array of other geographical information related to...
View Resource New Jersey Spatial Data Clearinghouse

The New Jersey Spatial Data Clearinghouse stores metadata from organizations across the state and makes the data available to the public. The 603 datasets cover all aspects of land information including climatic data, digital ortho-photography, environmental, forestry and wildlife, geodetic control, geographic names, geologic and soils data, landuse/ landcover, and water resources among others. A...
View Resource US Geological Survey Planetary GIS Web Server

The US Geological Survey, who maintains the Planetary GIS Web Server Analyzable Database, has a mission "to produce a Web-based, user-friendly interface aimed at the planetary research community that will support and integrate powerful Geographic Information Systems (GIS) graphical, statistical, and spatial relational tools for analyses of planetary datasets." Visitors will find online maps, data...
View Resource Using Geographic Information Systems to Map Crime Victim Services

The US Department of Justice released this document in February 2003 about the use of geographic information systems (GIS) in law enforcement. "GIS is an application that links database software to graphics software to create visual images of various types of data in map format." The report outlines the applications of such systems in police cars and at victim assistance facilities, providing...
View Resource The Cartographic Modeling Lab at the University of Pennsylvania

While many schools no longer have academic departments devoted specifically to the discipline of geography, the almost innate human interest in mapping and analyzing various types of spatial data continues unabated. The Cartographic Modeling Lab at the University of Pennsylvania is an outstanding example of this trend, and their website contains a great deal of information on their work and their...
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