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View Resource Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Gallery

Offered by the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL), the GFDL Gallery is a collection of visualizations which have been prepared in the course of GFDL's research, and subsequently presented at meetings and in the media. For example, the gallery contains an animated movie of Hurricane Emily from 1993 and a 3D animation of Hurricane Floyd. Other topics include global warming, stratospheric...
View Resource Lindhurst Laboratory of Experimental Geophysics

This Web site illustrates the California Institute of Technology's Lindhurst Laboratory of Experimental Geophysics research in dynamic compressions of minerals. The site describes how seismologists became interested in the physical properties of minerals within the high pressure and high temperature environment of the Earth's interior. With a series of images and figures of the shock wave...
View Resource American Geophysical Union

This Web site portrays AGU's role as a world wide scientific community devoted to the advancement of the "understanding of Earth and space for the benefit of humanity." Visitors can learn about AGU's numerous groups devoted to research in atmospheric and oceanic sciences, solid earth sciences, hydrology, and space science. Researchers will find information about upcoming meetings and how to submit...
View Resource IERS: International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) was created to provide the astronomical, geodetic, and geophysical communities with standards, geophysical data, earth orientation parameters, and celestial and terrestrial reference systems. After discovering the structure and history of the Service, users can discover the many Product, Technique, and Combination Centres...
View Resource Teaching Geoscience Online

More and more schools are offering online courses in the sciences, and the geophysical sciences are no exception. Carleton College is deservedly well known for their "Cutting Edge" website of geoscience teaching resources, and here they present some helpful materials for those wishing to teach geoscience online. The resources were developed as part of their 2010 workshop titled "Teaching...

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