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View Resource Multimedia from Wagner to Virtual Reality

This new project from (last discussed in the February 25, 2000 Scout Report) presents the "untold history of multimedia." Currently, two sections of the site are available, with a third (Essays) to be added in September. The Overture section introduces visitors to the primary themes, concepts, and relationships "within the arts and sciences that converge as multimedia." These are...
View Resource Electronic Literature Directory

The heart of the Electronic Literature Organization's Website, this Website presents a "comprehensive directory of work" in the field of electronic literature. Electronic literature is here defined as any literature with an electronic element available on the Internet and thus includes both experimental Internet novels and animated poems as well as audio versions of traditional works that have...
View Resource Alice

Alice is a free "3D interactive graphics programming environment" developed at Carnegie Mellon University. The Windows-based authoring tool includes a program from a professor at the University of Tokyo that allows the user to create 3D models. Alice is then used to paint the objects, which can be included in Web sites and viewed by anyone with the free browser plug-in. The tools are known for...
View Resource New York University: Center for Digital Multimedia

The New York University Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) promotes the development and dissemination of multimedia technologies and applications. As one of fifteen New York State Centers for Advanced Technology, the Center "uses its multimedia technology expertise to augment the efforts of faculty, staff, and researchers working in new media." Through partnerships between NYU faculty, the wider...
View Resource Stanford: MediaX

Media X is a network of interdisciplinary researchers, faculty and students at Stanford University who study and design interactive technology. Media X "influences the next generation of interactive technology relevant to commerce, learning and entertainment." Their work focuses on challenges related to people and technology, such as ease of use, natural forms of input and output, social and...
View Resource Interactive Physlets

What, you may ask, is a physlet? It is a portmanteau combining the words "physics" and "applet" which can be used "to demonstrate a concept in physics through animation or interaction." Physlets are handy tools, especially for visual learners. These physlets were created by scholars at the Grenfell Campus of Memorial University in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Designed to be used in several...
View Resource Visualising China

This incredible resource from the University of Bristol provides access to over 9,000 historical photographs of China from the years 1850 to 1950. Readers may want to start with the blog that accompanies the digitized collection for a number of fascinating articles on the rapidly transforming China of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But the pictures themselves are the real magic of this...

View Resource The Great War: A Visual History

This attractive and edifying map-based interactive from the American Battle Monuments Commission will serve as a support to educators teaching the First World War, and to anyone with an interest in how the war began, how it developed, and how it finally ended. The history is divided into seven periods, including The Pre-War Period, each year from 1914 to 1918, and the Post-War Years. Clicking on...