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Air -- Pollution -- United States -- Measurement


View Resource AirData

The Environmental Protection Agency's Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS) Data Maps provide data on pollutants for which the EPA has established national standards. The data come in ready-to-view national maps, or the AIRS Graphics page allows users generate their own maps and charts by specifying criteria such as dates, locations, and pollutant names. Two main types of data include air...
View Resource E-GRID: Emissions and Generation Resource Integrated Database

The Environmental Protection Agency has recently published the Emissions and Generation Resource Integrated Database (E-GRID). This database contains emission data from resources such as coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, solar, and wind of nearly every power plant in the United States for 1996. The factsheet is available in .pdf format or can be downloaded as a WordPerfect file. In addition, the...
View Resource Acid Rain Revisited

The results of a long term study of the effects of acidic deposition in the Northeast were published in Bioscience this week, and they suggest that forests, lakes, and streams of the Northeastern US are not recovering from the toxic effects of acid rain despite significant cuts in the power plant emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide -- two major contributors to the problem. "Acid rain,"...
View Resource EPA : AirData: Access to Air Pollution Data

The AirData Web site provides access to air pollution data for the entire United States. Users can discover the highest ozone levels in their state, where sources of air pollution are located, and much more. The Environmental Protection Agency offers annual summaries of air pollution data from two databases: Air Quality System (AQS) and the National Emission Inventory (NEI). Users can discover the...