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Scientists Turn Healthy Cells Cancerous

Biologists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research recently announced in the journal Nature that they have been able to genetically alter a healthy human cell to create a cancerous one. The discovery is being hailed as an important step forward towards the development of anti-cancer drugs. Previously, scientists have been able to turn normal cells...
Genes and Disease

The National Center for Biotechnology Information of the National Library of Medicine (part of the National Institutes of Health) has posted this webpage, Genes and Disease, which provides information "for some 60 diseases associated with specific genes, and has links to the 1998 Gene Map as well as to PubMed, protein sequences, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, and associations related to each...

The first Web site (1) from the National Center for Biotechnology Information offers a brief introduction to pharmacogenomics, a new science that "examines the inherited variations in genes that dictate drug response and explores the ways these variations can be used to predict whether a patient will have a good response to a drug, a bad response to a drug, or no response at all." This Web site...
University of Washington: GeneTests

This GeneTests website "is a publicly funded medical genetics information resource for physicians, other healthcare providers, and researchers, available at no cost to all interested persons." The GeneTests site features _Gene Reviews_, an online publication of expert-authored disease reviews. The site also offers international directories of genetic testing laboratories and genetics and prenatal...

The Nature website brings together important findings and discoveries from the world of science, with a particular focus placed on biology, genetics, and related fields. To celebrate their findings and materials related to genetics, they created the genetics@nature website. Here visitors can make their way through featured articles from a range of journals, including Cell Research, Genes and...