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View Resource Ancient Scripts

Designed by Lawrence K. Lo, this Web site is meant to serve as "an introduction to writing systems, which hopefully will tantalize the reader into searching for more information." Lo offers visitors a brief overview of several topics related to linguistics (both modern and historical) in sections devoted to writing systems, sounds and phonetics, and historical linguistics. In the writing systems,...
View Resource Interest in preserving endangered languages thrives on college campuses

Many groups around the globe are concerned with languages that seem to be slowly fading out of existence, whether they be spoken in Africa or Europe. Government efforts have helped out a number of languages during the past several decades and the role of various institutions of higher education should not be underestimated as well. One rather interesting program that has been in the news recently...
View Resource Language Guide

This website is a collaborative project started by a language enthusiast that not only aims to help language learners, but also to "provide a window into the culture of the people who speak those languages." So how does the site accomplish this feat? It provides interactive language lessons, quizzes, and texts that allow the language learner to hear the word or text pronounced by fluent, often...