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Practical jokes

View Resource Symantec: Hoaxes

Periodically a series of "important messages" about new email viruses make their way through various mailing lists. While savvy Internet users can usually immediately spot these hoaxes, they can be both intimidating and frightening to neophytes (not to mention the bandwidth wasted when the messages are passed on to other users.) One of the better sites that track both email and other computer...
View Resource The Museum of Hoaxes

Developed by Alex Boese, a graduate student at the University of California at San Diego, this site is a compelling introduction to many of the most well-known (and a few that are often overlooked) hoaxes from the year 750 to the present. First time visitors will want to visit some of the introductory materials included here, such as "What is a hoax?"; "Origin of the Word 'Hoax'"; and "Hoaxology,"...
View Resource History, tradition, and innovation link MIT students to a long line of campus pranksters

The Great '06 Cannon Hack The MIT Hack Gallery The Top Ten College Pranks of All Time Student Pranks at Princeton Bascom Hill Pink...