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Economic forecasting -- United States

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View Resource Outlook for the Budget and the Economy

As part of its mandate under the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, the US Congressional Budget Office issues "a series of reports on the state of the economy and the budget." The latest report, released September 2, 1997 concludes that "the federal budget will come close to balance this year and will move into surplus by 2002... [and] is projected to be in virtual balance through 2007." The report...
View Resource Congressional Budget Office: Revised Baseline Budget Projections for Fiscal Years 1999-2008

Revised Baseline Budget Projections for Fiscal Years 1999-2008 updates the baseline budget projections for fiscal years 1999-2008 by taking into account new information from the President's budget and other sources. The revised figures show that CBO expects a budget surplus of almost $8 billion for this year.
View Resource Monetary Policy, Wall Street, and Alan Greenspan's Humphrey-Hawkins Report to Congress

This week's In the News examines Federal Board of Governors Chairman Alan Greenspan's Monetary Policy Testimony and Report to Congress, issued July 21, 1998. The ten resources discussed give background information on Chairman Greenspan's opinion, the US Congressional budget process, and the relationship between federal regulation and stock market activity. Also provided are links to official FRB...