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The Lemur Toolkit for Language Modeling and Information Retrieval

Sponsored by the Advanced Research and Development Activity in Information Technology (ARDA) under its Statistical Language Modeling for Information Retrieval Research Program, the Lemur Project has recently announced the availability of the Lemur Toolkit for Language Modeling and Information Retrieval, version 1.0. The Lemur Toolkit is designed to help carry out research in areas such as ad hoc...

TechTarget produces Database Central, a large metasite with thousands of database resources, news, jobs, and more.
SRI International: SRI's Digital Earth Project

SRI International is a research institute with interests in engineering, information technology, and a variety of other fields. One of its current projects is dubbed Digital Earth, an effort "to create an open infrastructure that allows anyone around the globe to publish or to search for data based upon a specific location." This report describes the multiple technologies that are being integrated...
Audio Mining

Occasionally referred to as audio indexing, audio mining is a computerized task involving the processing of an audio file, extracting the dialog and creating a textual transcript, and searching the transcript for certain words or phrases. Considering the amount of audio content on the Internet and other sources, it is clear that audio mining is a growing technology. To get an idea of what audio...
The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval

The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval, located within the computer science department at the University of Massachusetts, is dedicated to "developing tools that provide effective and efficient access to large, heterogeneous, distributed, text and multimedia databases." To this end, the Center conducts a number of research activities, along with some rather compelling demonstration...
Searching the Internet Part I: Some Basic Considerations and Automated Search Indexes

This guide to finding resources on the Internet describes the many Web search engines available, their respective powers and disadvantages, and gives advice to users hoping to use the search engines effectively.

Do you like open data? Do you like visual representations? If so then you should give Freebase a look. With Freebase, visitors can use all types of publicly available data to create "entities" which will be connected and manipulated into a graph format. Freebase has access to about 13 million entities, so interested parties have a tremendous amount of material to choose from. Visitors can use the...