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View Resource Cognitive Science mailing list

COGSCI is an open, unmoderated discussion list about Cognitive Science. Topics including artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, connectionism, psychology, conferences, lectures, and publications.
View Resource Web Site for Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE)

Leigh Tesfatsion, Professor of Economics and Mathematics at the Department of Economics, Iowa State University, has developed this site for agent-based computational economics (ACE). Visitors can find a brief survey of ACE-related research, and an annotated list of readings for ACE and complex adaptive systems (CAS). Software for ACE is also available at the site, including a Trade Network Game,...
View Resource Cog

As part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, this is is a well-planned Web site devoted to the research and development of Cog, a humanoid robot. Combining robot mechanics with artificial intelligence, Cog is the closest thing yet to Star Wars's C3PO. Highlights of the site include an in-depth research section with links to papers on relevant topics...
View Resource Boosting Research Site

Boosting is an intelligent data analysis technique for pattern classification and regression. Also referred to as an ensemble learning method, it is a form of artificial intelligence with close ties to neural networks. The Boosting Research site is a valuable collection of algorithms and publications for student or professional investigators of this advanced topic. People can share their knowledge...
View Resource Imagination Engines, Inc.

Imagination Engines, Inc. (IEI) is a company that specializes in artificial neural network technology. Although some of the ideas presented on the Web site might seem like science fiction, most people with a basic understanding of neural network principles will realize the potential of IEI's work. This field is not a new science; in fact, it has been around for several decades. The technologies...
View Resource AI Topics: A Dynamic Library of Introductory Information About Artificial Intelligence

This site, operated by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), is a great starting point for people who want to learn more about the rapidly growing world of artificial intelligence (AI). AI Topics acts as a central hub for an enormous collection of material that exists on the Web. The links given on the site offer a wide range of information, including basic definitions of...
View Resource The Turing Test

A man before his time, Alan Mathison Turing is arguably one of the most recognized mathematicians of the 20th century. In 1950, he published a paper that, to this day, sets the standard for artificial intelligence. He proposed a way to determine if a machine has intelligence, and this is now called the Turing Test. In his 41-year life, Turing accomplished a great deal as a mathematician....
View Resource Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories: Marginalizing Out Future Passengers in Group Elevator Control

Despite being in existence for over a century, modern elevators have an underlying problem that is anything but easy to solve. When multiple elevators are being used in a single location, it quickly becomes a daunting task to create an intelligent control system that optimally meets the needs of its users. This paper, which will be presented at the 2003 Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial...
View Resource Cogprints

Utilizing technology generated by the University of Southampton, Cogprints is an electronic archive for self-archive papers in a number of scientific areas of study. Some of these areas include psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, numerous areas of computer science, philosophy, biology, anthropology, and several others. Currently, the archive contains over 1200 papers ranging from 1950 to 2004....
View Resource Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The science and engineering of Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since 1950, when scientists began to explore the link between human intelligence and machines. Since then, computer scientists have made advances in creating machines that can engage in human-like behaviors, mimic human thought, understand speech, and beat the best human chessplayer. Applications are far and wide, from...
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