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Cities and towns -- Planning

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View Resource The Urban Age Institute

Around the world, policy experts and concerned citizens continue to ask: What can be done about the problems of the world's cities? Of course, the problems of cities differ widely, and simple answers are in short supply, if they are any to be had at all. Based in San Rafael, the Urban Age Institute has been exploring some of these issues over the years, and their website contains some of their...
View Resource Risk & Resilience in Coastal Regions

What's next for large cities in coastal regions? It's a complicated question and one that has consumed the energies and passions of great minds over the past few years. The Urban Land Institute (ULI) has been intently interested in the subject and this report from May 2013 takes a close look at what might be next. The ULI began its work by convening a forum in January 2013, bringing together...

View Resource UN-Habitat: Sustainable Urban Development Network

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme, or UN-HABITAT, is the organization’s agency for human settlements. The group’s main objective is to “promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all.” More specifically, the Sustainable Urban Development Network, or SUD-NET, works to reduce poverty and encourage the...

View Resource 100 Resilient Cities

The future of cities is the subject of much hand-wringing in urban policy circles. As of late, a popular topic has been the concept of urban "resilience" and the Rockefeller Foundation has taken this matter on with its 100 Resilient Cities initiative. On its website, first-time visitors should first explore the "What is Resilience?" area. Here, the topic is explained in detail and an infographic...

View Resource UN-Habitat: Best Practices Database

How can we improve the urban condition? It's a great and pressing question and the UN's Habitat agency has some answers. Here, visitors can look over 4,000 proven solutions to "common social, economic and environmental problems." Visitors can browse these award winning best practices for inspiration and solace as they think about the future of cities. Resources here include documents such as...