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View Resource Animal Genome Size Database

T. Ryan Gregory, doctoral candidate at the University of Guelph (Canada), provides this comprehensive data catalog of animal genome size. Included on site are haploid genome sizes (C-values) for approximately 2,100 species or subspecies of vertebrates and 800 species of invertebrates. Organized by taxa, this Website-in-progress will be of direct use to those researchers whose study organisms are...
View Resource GENES 2000

Benjamin Lewin provides this detailed educational site as the online (and continuously updated) version of the printed resource, GENES. Designed as a pilot project "for building an online site that will develop into a general resource for the life sciences, including molecular biology, cell biology, development, immunology, and neurobiology, at levels varying from introductory to advanced," this...
View Resource GeneCards

The Weizmann Institute of Science provides GeneCards, a database of "human genes, their products and their involvement in diseases." GeneCards contains concise information on the functions of "all human genes with an approved symbol" (e.g., genes named according to the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee), in addition to "selected others" -- collectively representing over 9,600 genes. The database...
View Resource First-Ever Complete Plant Genome Sequence Is Announced

An international research team has completed the first plant genome sequence ever, for the species Arabidopsis thaliana. This news and four accompanying articles are featured in the December 14, 2000 issue of the journal Nature. This Website is from the National Science Foundation's news service and describes the recent advance.
View Resource

BioScience Productions, Inc., a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting public literacy in the biological sciences, provides the Website. The site targets the general public and considers issues on the environment, biodiversity, science education, biotechnology, genomics, evolution, and biology in the new millennium, in addition to offering some student views....
View Resource Physiological Genomics

Five journals with free (or recently extended) online trial periods were recently announced; online content includes full text, figures, and tables. The American Physiological Society has announced free, online access to Physiological Genomics through December 31, 2001; full text and abstracts are available from 1999. The journal is published in conjunction with Stanford University's HighWire...
View Resource 123Genomics

The providers of this searchable metasite have, over the years, accumulated hundreds of genomics-related bookmarks which they now share freely. The eighteen major categories at 123 genomics each contain dozens of links to bioinformatics- and genomics-related science news, research labs, databases, scientific societies, protocol guides, etc. Examples of the category headings include Microarrays,...
View Resource The Genome Behind the Black Death

The genome of Yersinia pestis, the bacterium that causes the plague or "Black Death," has been sequenced by a team of scientists at the UK-based Sanger Centre with funding from the Wellcome Trust. Completion of the Yersinia pestis sequencing will hopefully allow researchers to develop more drugs to combat the disease that is still prevalent in some parts of the world and can cause death after just...
View Resource Research Abstracts from the DOE Genome Contractor-Grantee Workshop IX

Research abstracts from a recent Department of Energy (DOE) genomics workshop are now available online. Researchers presented updates on DOE-funded genome research at this January 2002 workshop. Abstracts can be viewed within topical categories or by author name. Abstracts include title of the talk, author name, and contact information.
View Resource UniGene

Created by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, UniGene is "an experimental system for automatically partitioning GenBank sequences into a non-redundant set of gene-oriented clusters." In addition to gene sequences, this Web site also offers thousands of novel expressed sequence tag (EST) sequences, a useful gene discovery resource. Organisms currently cataloged include human, rat,...
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