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The Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules

Dr. Phillip Barak, Associate Professor of Soil Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has put together this "web-based focal point and resource for 3-D visualizations of molecules and minerals." A collection of 3-D, interactive models of molecules and minerals, these detailed, color images and animations are designed for instructors and students alike. Visualizations include soil organic...
Soil Taxonomy

From Alfisols to Vertisols, this substantial resource (.pdf format only) from the US Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service provides an in-depth treatment of soil taxonomy around the world. Published in 1999 (Second Edition), this Soil Taxonomy text includes 23 chapters, covering the basics of soil classification through the world distribution of orders and suborders....
Soil Science Society of America Journal

The Soil Science Society of America has announced online availability of this journal, in conjunction with Stanford University's HighWire Press. Online full-text content for the Soil Science Society of America Journal begins with the July-August 1999 issue, with online abstracts from January-February 1998. Note that the free trial period for the online journal ends May 1, 2001.
Soil Moisture

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center offers this useful data site on soil moisture across the US. Soil moisture data are provided here as color contour maps that represent calculated soil moisture, anomalies, and percentiles for the most recent day, monthly, and twelve-month time periods. Also provided here are 25-year average soil moisture & soil wetness summaries. In addition to providing recent and...
International Soil Reference and Information Centre

The International Soil Reference and Information Centre (ISRIC), which is associated with the Centre for Development and Environment, University of Berne, Switzerland, aims to "provide a better understanding of soils and to promote sustainable use of the land." The ISRIC Web site gives visitors several areas to explore, but of special note are the reports and publications link within the...
Soil Temperatures

For over a hundred years the Illinois State Water Survey, part of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, "has documented quality data on a wide multitude of water and atmospheric variables". Within the main Web site is the Soil Temperatures page, which provides daily publication of maps based on data from various sites across the state. These include a 10am 4 inch bare soil temperature,...

The Nitrogen and Phosphorus Knowledge Web page is offered by Iowa State University Extension and the College of Agriculture. The publications page contains links to various newsletters, articles, publications, power point presentations, links to governmental publications, and more. For example, visitors will find articles written on phosphorous within the Integrated Crop Management Newsletter,...
Internet Glossary of Soil Science Terms

The Soil Science Society of America's maintains the Internet Glossary of Soil Science Terms Web site. Visitors will find a searchable and browseable dictionary of hundreds of soil terms. Other resources include tables, which include terms for describing consistence of block-like specimens, pore size classification, and soil water terminology, as well as appendixes on soil taxonomy. A new feature...
Frozen Soil

This Topic in Depth explores the world of frozen soil, including permafrost and tundra. The first site is provided by the Missouri Botanical Gardens Web site, entitled Tundra (1). This kids focused site does a good job of clearly explaining what tundra is, where it's located, and what types of plants and animals are found within tundra areas, as well as offering a photo gallery. The second site,...
Soil Data

The International Soil Reference and Information Centre (ISRIC) is described as a foundation for documentation, training and research on soils of the world, and serves the whole scientific community by assembling, scrutinizing, organizing and disseminating data and information. The ISRIC Web site contains some helpful online resources on the Soil Data page. These include international soil profile...
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