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Forensic entomology


American Board of Forensic Entomology

Robert Hall of the University of Missouri-Columbia has taken a rather unsavory subfield of entomology and compiled an interesting and comprehensive collection of information. From this site we learn that forensic entomology is the science of using insect evidence to reveal circumstances of interest to the law, often related to a crime. Such key information as time of death, whether a body was...
Interactive Investigator

Interactive Investigator, available through Virtual Museum Canada, is a website "for anyone with an interest in the different scientific methods used to solve crimes." Users will find a database of forensic science, containing short but informative essays on forensic entomology, toxicology, alcohol analysis, and various other forensic science topics. A simple timeline reviews key dates in the...
Forensic Entomology, Or What Bugs Can Tell Police About When Someone Died

Trust Me, I'm an Expert is a podcast produced by the independent, nonprofit publication The Conversation (previously featured in the 03-24-2017 Scout Report). The podcast is dedicated to getting the facts directly from specialists in their field, often drawing in experts on unusual subjects. One such topic is the focus of this short interview, which discusses the value of insects in the field of...