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Fossils -- Exhibitions

Introduction to the UCMP Virtual Exhibits

This site, maintained by the University of California Museum of Paleontology contains one of the very best collections of on-line paleontology exhibits and scientific resources on the web. A hypertext link to Information for First-time Visitors streamlines access to the site. Extensive navigation pages for the three main areas of interest: Phylogeny, Geology, and Evolution (under construction),...
Royal Tyrrell Museum

An alphabetized fossil encyclopedia, a page on oil and gas exploration, an online Burgess Shale exhibit, and a virtual tour are among the features of this Website of Alberta's Royal Tyrell Museum. The virtual tour takes users everywhere from the juvenile Albertosaurus skeleton to the cafeteria. Although the tour is mainly designed for those preparing to visit the museum, virtual tour-goers can...

This Topic in Depth begins with a Web site from the Royal Ontario Museum called Fossils!-Behind the Scenes at the Museum (1). It gives a light-hearted but informative introduction to what fossils are and how they're formed, collected, and identified. Next, the University of California Museum of Paleontology offers the Web site Learning From the Fossil Record (2), which contains several learning...
Valdosta State University's Virtual Museum of Fossils

Valdosta State University's Virtual Museum of Fossils offers information on animals since the Precambrian era. The website offers two navigation options. In the Find an Animal section, users can view fossils by clicking on different areas of the geologic timescales for Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes, Invertebrates, and Vertebrates. In the Choose a Time section, students can learn about the major...