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Evolution (Biology) -- Exhibitions

View Resource Introduction to the UCMP Virtual Exhibits

This site, maintained by the University of California Museum of Paleontology contains one of the very best collections of on-line paleontology exhibits and scientific resources on the web. A hypertext link to Information for First-time Visitors streamlines access to the site. Extensive navigation pages for the three main areas of interest: Phylogeny, Geology, and Evolution (under construction),...
View Resource Human Evolution: The Fossil Evidence in 3D

This interactive site allows users to examine and manipulate three-dimensional displays of ten crania related to human evolution (five modern primate crania and five fossil crania). Each cranium is presented as a Shockwave file, permitting viewers to rotate the crania 360 degrees on a vertical axis. Summary descriptions of the crania are also included, outlining their histories and explaining the...
View Resource Alfred Russel Wallace Collection

One name looms large for the general public when the word "evolution" is mentioned: Charles Darwin. Of course, others are quite aware that Alfred Russel Wallace co-discovered the theory of evolution with Darwin, a fact that the prescient individuals at the Natural History Museum in Britain are well aware of. In 2002, the Museum was able to purchase a rather large collection of Wallace's personal...