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Federal Reserve banks -- Periodicals


Commercial Bank and Bank Holding Company Database

The Report of Condition and Income database, provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, contains financial data for all banks regulated by the Federal Reserve System, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Comptroller of the Currency. Merger Data contains information on all "bank acquisitions and mergers since 1985." The Merger Data is available in either ASCII or SAS format. Quarterly...
Economic Gains from Trade Liberalization: NAFTA's Impact

The October 1997 Chicago Fed Letter issue, "Economic Gains from Trade Liberalization - NAFTA's impact" by Michael A. Kouparitsas, (available in Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] format only) evaluates the gains from NAFTA. Recently, the debate over free trade has intensified in light of the failure of President Clinton to obtain fast-track authority from Congress. On September 17, 1997, President Clinton went...
Chicago Fed Letter: September 1999

The September issue of Chicago Fed Letter, from FRB Chicago, contains Part I of the article "Mergers and the Changing Landscape of Commercial Banking."
Monetary Trends

Each month, Monetary Trends , from FRB St. Louis, follows interest rates, bank credit, measures of expected inflation, and reserve markets and short-term credit flows. The journal examines interest rates and policy-based inflation indicators in its December 1999 issue.
Economic Perspectives

The quarterly journal Economic Perspectives offers in-depth articles about regional employment growth, the EMU, and child care costs.
Southwest Economy

The Dallas Federal Reserve Bank publishes Southwest Economy bimonthly; it covers "agriculture, banking, energy, high technology, manufacturing and international trade" in the Texas- New Mexico- Louisiana region.
Economic Review: 2000 Quarter 1, Vol. 36, No. 1

The first issue of the 2000 quarterly publication Economic Review from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland contains three articles, "Dual-Currency Economies as Multiple-Payment Systems," "New Results on the Rationality of Survey Measures of Exchange-Rate Expectations," and "The Fiscal Theory of the Price Level."
Current Issues in Economics and Finance: Explaining the Gap Between New Home Sales and Inventories

Current Issues in Economics and Finance is a publication produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York that focuses on specific public policy issues. The May 2000 edition consists of the article "Explaining the Gap between New Home Sales and Inventories," which explores the reasons why inventories for new homes have fallen since 1995.
Western Economic Developments: May 2000

FRB San Francisco's bi-monthly publication Western Economic Developments summarizes economic growth and development in the Twelfth District. The economy remained strong throughout the first quarter of 2000, with an employment growth rate of 2.5 percent annually. California's economic growth rate was especially high, due to "usually rapid growth of income and consumer spending."
Quarterly Review

The Quarterly Review, published by the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, is an academic journal that primarily presents economic research aimed at improving policymaking by the Federal Reserve System and other governmental authorities." The two articles featured in the Spring 2000 issue are "The Suffolk Bank and the Panic of 1837" and "Learning to Be Unpredictable: An...
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