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Occupational Outlook Handbook

The mere mention of the US Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook may remind some individuals of those infamous high school vocational surveys. Some may even remember that such surveys indicated that they would go on to careers in forestry, animal husbandry, or even as a particle physicist. Recently, the Department of Labor issued this tremendously useful Handbook in its online...
Survey reveals best places to work in the federal government

Strong Managers Ranked More Important Than Money in Federal Workplace Survey OMB to use workplace rankings in 2011 budget process Survey says NRC is still the best place to work in government The Best Places...
Map: The Most Common Job in Every State

This fascinating infographic from NPR's Planet Money blog traces "the common job" in each state from 1978 to 2014. What emerges is a story of changing economic, demographic, and technological constellations over a period of 36-years. Readers will notice that several themes stand out. First, there are a lot of truck drivers. This is partially due to a very inclusive census category. But it's also...