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View Resource Light Field Mapping: Efficient Representation and Hardware Rendering of Surface Light Fields

The Office of the Future (OOTF) is a project of the University of North Carolina Computer Science Department. It utilizes advanced tele-immersion and graphical displays to make long distance collaboration seem natural and comfortable. This publication, which appeared at a major conference in mid-2002, is authored by researchers from Intel and the OOTF group. Focusing on computer graphics...
View Resource Computer Graphics & Digital Animation

Computer graphics is a term that encompasses a wide range of sciences and techniques. To understand some of the processes involved in generating computer graphics, Cornell University offers this detailed introduction to the subject (1). The site contains explanations and a series of pictures that illustrate object rendering, shading, ray tracing, and more. Computer graphics has seen rapid...
View Resource Vfxblog

As more and more films use visual effects throughout their running time, movie fans continue to clamor for more information about how the process of creating such effects works and what types of challenges might be encountered during such a process. In an attempt to offer a look inside this world, Ian Failes, an Australian lawyer, has created this Vfxblog, which is a weblog that offers interviews...
View Resource Webmaster Resources

The man behind the BoogieJack website is Dennis Gaskill, and he's been serving up compelling pieces of web design wisdom on this site since 1997. On the homepage, he invites the curious visitor to "Look around, make yourself at home". It's a fine idea, especially considering that the site contains a number of helpful HTML tutorials, cascading style sheets (CSS) tutorials, and a selection of free...
View Resource Simple 3D Drawing

Developed by Barbara Kaskosz of the University of Rhode Island and Doug Ensley of Shippensburg University, this resource from The Mathematical Association of America's Digital Classroom Resources collection will prove quite valuable for educators and anyone with an interest in computer graphics or geometry. Through this resource, visitors will learn how to draw and rotate 3D objects via a series...
View Resource Media College

A multimedia production company in New Zealand has website that offers free tutorials, references, resources, and forums on electronic media production. There are lessons on "Video", "Audio", "Photography", "Graphics", "Computer", "Internet", a "Glossary", and "Equipment" that offer operating manuals from 18 different brands of equipment. There are a number of free downloads, including a "Talent...
View Resource Compfight

Compfight describes its purpose as "a search engine tailored for visual inspiration." It is a bit different than other mainstream photo search engines, and visitors can get started by clicking on the "Show me what compfight can do" link. Compfight returns grids of images organized by license type, text tags, and those that are "safe" for all audiences. Visitors can also sign up for their Twitter...
View Resource Giphy

GIFs (Graphical Interchange Format) are a great way to add some character and sass to an email, website, or blog post. Giphy allows anyone to easily make their own custom GIFs using either a link to an online video or by uploading their own media. Next, users can select the portion and duration of the video they would like to use in the GIF, then select a font and color in order to write a...

View Resource U.S. National Archives: Giphy

The National Archives and Record Administration's page is home to almost 300 GIFs created using historic footage in their collection. Do you have something to say that may be best expressed by a GIF of John F. Kennedy giving a speech or with vintage footage of the original Superman television show? History enthusiasts and GIF lovers alike will appreciate the U.S. National Archives and...

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