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View Resource Getting Serious Online: As Americans Gain Experience, They Use the Web More at Work, Write Emails with More Significant Content, Perform More Online Transactions, and Pursue More Serious Activities

As readers of this report will discover, Americans are growing more sophisticated in their use of the Internet, both in terms of what they want out of it, as well as how they lend themselves to it. The Pew Internet Project reports that Americans are becoming increasingly more demanding and thoughtful when it comes to the Web, spending more time interacting with it in personally meaningful ways,...
View Resource POP Peeper 2.0

Supported by all Windows operating systems, POP Peeper 2.0 is a small utility that resides in your Windows task bar and informs users when they have new email from any of their POP3, MSN, Yahoo, or Hotmail accounts. Additionally, the POP Peeper supports HTML email. Finally, the utility allows users to be notified of new email from any of these accounts with a visual or audial reminder. The POP...
View Resource Spamhaus Project

The Spamhaus Project is a non-profit organization in Britain that works "to protect the internet networks worldwide." The project tracks the Internet's Spammers, Spam Gangs and Spam Services and "provides dependable realtime anti-spam protection for Internet networks, and works with Law Enforcement to identify and pursue spammers worldwide." The website also includes a definition of spam and news...
View Resource Postbox 1.0

There are email clients, and then there is Postbox. Postbox certainly offers a turn towards Web 2.0, and it includes interface devices for social networking programs like Facebook and so on. Essentially, Postbox catalogs every piece of information in one's email, including text, addresses, links, photos, documents, and so on. When users click on an email, a preview pane pops which shows not only...
View Resource (UN)WHITEBOARD

Looking to transform those whiteboard photos into PDFs? (UN)WHITEBOARD has you covered. Simply email photos of your whiteboard work can be emailed to All you need to do is email your whiteboard photos to the provided email address and you’ll receive some rather nice PDFs for your convenience. Before getting started, a sample converted document can be viewed on the site. This version is compatible...

View Resource

Gmail users interested in adding some simplicity to their lives will want to check out, a tool that identifies websites that you've previously signed up for in order to help users unsubscribe. By visiting the website above and signing into Google, users can see the names of organizations and businesses where they currently have subscriptions. For each email list, visitors can select to...

View Resource Maildrop

Maildrop is a service that provides free, disposable email addresses to use when signing up for new websites or apps. These mailboxes are designed to be temporary and transient. A Maildrop inbox can hold at most 10 messages, and an inbox that doesn't receive a message within 24 hours is automatically cleared. No attachments are allowed and messages larger than 100KiB will be discarded. Per the...

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