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Google Advanced Search

Google has unveiled an advanced search page, which features pull-down menus that allow users to specify included and excluded keywords and domains, specify languages, and find pages that link to or are similar to specified pages. The page also links to Google's topic-specific search pages (US Government, Mac, Linux, etc.).
Google Image Search

Google has an image search engine, which claims to be the most comprehensive on the Web, indexing over 150 million images. Keyword searches produce return pages with 20 thumbnails, each of which includes image size information and the URL of the source page. Clicking on a thumbnail produces a framed page with a larger image of the thumbnail above the full page on which the image was found. Users...
Google's Kevin McCurley on the Mathematics of Online Search

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) sponsors a slew of terrific talks and events each year, and recently they have begun to place digital versions of these online. This particular talk features observations from Google research scientist Kevin McCurley. In this talk from November 2009, McCurley focuses his presentation on the mathematics used to generate good search results and the more...
Internet for Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Visiting

Internet for Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Visiting is a free online tutorial that provides information skills for nurses, midwives, and health visitors, allowing them to make practical use of the Internet in their work. The tutorial contains four main sections -- Tour, Discover, Review, and Reflect -- and takes approximately one hour to complete. Upon completion of the tutorial, users should be...
Ixquick Metasearch

Branding itself "the world's most private metasearch engine," Ixquick also features a clean and simple interface. Ixquick indexes fourteen search engines and directories, though users can pick and choose between them if they desire. The real appeal of Ixquick, however, is its "star rating" system for reporting results. While some metasearch engines might be fooled by irrelevant entries at the top...
Mason OER Metafinder

We originally featured the Mason OER Metafinder in the Scout Report on 5-18-2018, and it continues to be an outstanding way to find open teaching and learning resources. The Mason OER Metafinder from The Mason Publishing Group at George Mason University Libraries is a powerful search tool that allows users to search record metadata from seventeen digital libraries and repositories, including the...

Yet another in a large collection of metasearch engines, METAEUREKA distinguishes itself by its no-nonsense format -- no graphics, ads, or anything really except the search box and your results. It also includes a very useful feature for users concerned with the "freshness" of their search returns. Clicking on the Site Info link under each result produces a small pop-up window which lists, among...

MyBookmarks is a free Internet service that allows registered users to access their bookmarks from anywhere at anytime. The full-featured editor makes it easy to organize and search online bookmarks, and from the interface, users can export them back to their browser to use locally. Furthermore, MyBookmarks provides the option of making some or all bookmarks publicly accessible.

Browsing the web for interesting material can be enjoyable, but it's also nice to have some bright friends help you along the way. The folks at Netted compile a daily listing of compelling online tools, apps, and other items that will be worthy of your email inbox. Visitors can sign up to receive Netted and they can also browse popular categories such as "Saving", "Applications", and "Travel"....
New Search Area for the NCES WebSite

Unveiled on July 6, this new area simplifies searches at the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) Website. The page features a site-wide keyword search engine and four targeted search tools. The first of these, the Electronic Catalog, helps users find NCES publications and data products, with several search methods, and related information, including a listing of the most popular NCES...
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