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View Resource MyBookmarks

MyBookmarks is a free Internet service that allows registered users to access their bookmarks from anywhere at anytime. The full-featured editor makes it easy to organize and search online bookmarks, and from the interface, users can export them back to their browser to use locally. Furthermore, MyBookmarks provides the option of making some or all bookmarks publicly accessible.
View Resource Voice Browser Activity

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) plays an important role in the development of the Web by creating standards and protocols for universal use and interoperability. The W3C Voice Browser working group is developing revolutionary markup languages similar to HTML that, instead of focusing on a visual interface, will cover "dialog, speech synthesis, speech recognition, call control and other aspects...
View Resource Web Standards Project

Led by the World Wide Web Consortium, the Web Standards Project is an effort to make "technologies for creating and interpreting web-based content." These standards allow many types of languages and object models to be compatible on different browsers and platforms. The project's home page has many resources for users to learn about standards and guidelines. Some of the major topics include HTML,...
View Resource Welcome to the Web

Welcome to the Web is a great place to learn the basics of using the Internet and the World Wide Web. It is tailored to children, but if inexperienced adults can get past the cartoon drawings, anyone can benefit from the site. The first section provides an overview of the Internet and some terminology. Next is a section on guestbooks, followed by an overview of Web browsers. "Searching the Net"...
View Resource An Atlas of Cyberspaces

"CyberGeography is the study of the spatial nature of computer communications networks, particularly the Internet, the World-Wide Web and other electronic 'places' that exist behind our computer screens, popularly referred to as cyberspace." The Atlas of Cyberspaces highlights many efforts from around the world to visualize this type of information. Some of the features have links to download...
View Resource Internet Guide

The Internet Guide is a no-nonsense site intended for Internet newbies. It consists of several short articles that discuss the basics of Internet navigation, common terms and phrases, Netiquette, and much more. Some specific technologies are also mentioned, such as Telnet and newsgroups. The Guide occasionally refers to various products or services; however, it does not endorse any particular...
View Resource Beholder

Many of us may use the web to search for images, but at times this process can be rather time-consuming and frustrating. Stepping into the fray is Beholder 1.3, which allows users to search for images on any of three pre-defined websites (including Google images) The results of image searches will be returned in an interface that allows for easy browsing, including thumbnails and a large-scale...
View Resource Phaseout 5.2

Some of our readers who may be looking for a futuristic looking Web browser may do well to take a look at Phaseout 5.2. This particular browser features an integrated search tool, along with a pop-up blocker and a preview bar that shows thumbnails of webpages and their loading progress. Perhaps the most novel feature of Phaseout 5.2 is that users can choose from a number of rather interesting...
View Resource OmniWeb

New browsers are about as common as celebrity weddings (or divorces, come to think of it), but there are a few that are worth some serious attention. One such browser is the latest incarnation of OmniWeb. With Omniweb, users can utilize their novel approach to tabbed browsing, auto-save browsing sessions, and even zoom in on text passages. Which computers can use this fine application you may ask?...
View Resource FastestFox 5.1.9

This nice add-on for the Firefox browser certainly makes web-surfing a bit more appealing and visually stimulating. FastestFox displays a sharp looking "bubble" complete with customizable search engine shortcuts when highlighting a word or phrase. FastestFox will also offer various suggestions when users are typing and it can also be used to download various links and Flash video content. This...
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