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View Resource Inventory and Review of Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Southern Florida

South Florida Information Access of the US Geological Survey has made available a recent Water Resources Investigations report entitled "Inventory and Review of Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Southern Florida." The report discusses which "hydrogeologic and design factors appear to be important to the performance of aquifer storage and recovery in the Floridan aquifer system." Chapters include an...
View Resource International Year of Freshwater 2003

This Web site, from the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), provides readers with a mountain of information and resources on the topic, focused primarily on what individuals can do to help in both everyday life (water conservation tips) and community activism. This site is also available in French and Spanish.
View Resource George Perkins Marsh Online Research Center

George Perkins Marsh had many careers during his long life, including sheep farmer, lawyer, politician, and diplomat. Without a doubt, he is best remembered today for his groundbreaking work, "Man and Nature," which was one of the first pieces of scholarship to describe in detail the significance of human action in transforming the natural world. Since its publication in 1864, the book has been...
View Resource Global Trees Campaign

Along with increasing concerns about the extinction of different animal species, there has been increased interest in monitoring the fate of plant species, particularly those of various trees. Drawing on a partnership between Flora & Fauna International and the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, the Global Trees Campaign Web site serves as an online conduit for information about endangered...
View Resource The CBD for Botanists

One of the two conventions signed at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) seeks to "conserve biological diversity, use biological resources sustainably -- to ensure that we do not use up our resources faster than they can recover, and share the benefits arising from the use of genetic resources fairly and equitably." This site, a link off of the...
View Resource Tall Timbers Research Station: Research Programs

The Tall Timbers Research Station works to foster land stewardship through its research, conservation, and education efforts. Located in Tallahassee, Florida, the Tall Timbers Station conducts research in the areas of Fire Ecology, Resource Management, Vertebrate Ecology, Forestry, and Northern Bobwhite Quail studies. The Station's website contains overviews of its five major research programs and...
View Resource The National Water and Climate Center

The National Water and Climate Center, a division of the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), offers the latest water and climate news and information "to help people conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment." Users can receive water supply forecasts, snow data, and the latest program updates. The web site introduces the Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN),...
View Resource National Association of Conservation Districts

The idea of creating conservation districts through the support of private landowners was one that had gestated for decades before the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) was formed in 1946. Currently, there are over 3000 conservation districts throughout the United States, and the NACD effectively acts as a unified voice that represents the interests of these districts and also...
View Resource Heritage status brings unexpected consequences

‘Three Rivers’ hydro-electric project checked by World Heritage Status Not everything can be preserved exactly as it is for all time World Heritage Centre: The List World Heritage Education...
View Resource Forest Peoples Programme

Almost all of the forests that cover the Earth are inhabited. Despite this fact, the forest policies of most countries regard the forest land as empty and exploitable. Additionally, some conservation projects that hope to establish wildlife preserves also deny the rights of forest people. The website of the Forest Peoples Programme, a 20-year-old British based-group, offers insight into what...
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