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Physics -- Study and teaching (Secondary)

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Physics: Mechanics Overview

The Batesville High School Physics Department offers a tutorial about mechanics, the study of motion. The materials are divided into two main topics: Kinematics and Dynamics. The website offers a review of the concepts and discussions of the applications, packed with many animations to help individuals grasp the difficult concepts. Students can find numerous practice quizzes dealing with physics...
Little Shop of Physics: Online Experiments (Last reviewed in the Scout Report on January 25, 2002)

Not to be confused with a certain Roger Corman movie that has a rather similar title, this site presents a wide range of very nice physics experiments, all of which can be done online. Dedicated staff members of the physics department at Colorado State University created the Little Shop of Physics site. The site includes the "Amazing Physics" area, which features experiments that will require...
The Physics Classroom: Shockwave Physics Studios

On this interactive site, visitors with a penchant for velocity-time graphs, kinematics, and the world of motion will be well-served. Created as part of "The Physics Classroom" portfolio of educational materials, this collection of interactive Shockwave files simulate a series of physical situations. Visitors to the site can manipulate a variable in each activity and observe the outcome. All told,...
The Calculator Pad

This helpful resource for folks seeking to learn more about physics is a great resource for teachers and physicists of all stripes. Offered as part of The Physics Classroom site, the Calculator Pad provides students with practice solving physics word problems. Visitors to the site will find that there are a number of problem sets here for their consideration. Each set consists of 25-35 problems...

This site, designed for students, parents, and educators in the British educational system, is not regionally exclusive. In fact, it can be helpful to anyone learning or teaching physics in high school or early college. For easy navigation, the site features an excellent Google-powered custom search bar. In addition, categories such as Atmosphere, Atomic, Electricity, Energy, Forces, Geophysics,...
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