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Coral reef ecology

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View Resource Starfish

Created by Teresa Zubi, a certified PADI divemaster and marine life enthusiast, Starfish is an artful website that shares images of, and information about, life in coral reefs. Ms. Zubi has photographed many forms of marine life during her numerous dives, and the Starfish site features a collection of over 1,000 great underwater photos of invertebrates, fishes, reptiles, marine plants, and more....
View Resource Wheeling Jesuit University/NASA-Exploring the Environment: Coral Reefs

From Wheeling Jesuit University and NASA-Classroom of the Future, this website introduces students to environmental challenges facing the world's coral reefs. This Coral Reefs learning module is part of the Exploring the Environment series (first reported on in the January 1, 1998 Scout Report for Science & Engineering) which present students with real-world environmental problems resulting from...
View Resource Sea and Sky: The Ocean Realm

The Ocean Realm is part of Sea and Sky, an award-winning, nonprofit website created by J.D. Knight, an Orlando-based Web designer, amateur astronomer, and marine aquarium hobbyist. The Ocean Realm offers two features: Reef Life, a presentation of animals who inhabit corral reefs; and Monsters of the Deep, an exploration of animals found in deep zones of the ocean. Reef Life contains gorgeous...
View Resource National Ocean Service: Welcome to Corals

This well-designed website was developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Ocean Service (NOS) to educate high school students and others about coral reefs. The site contains the following three main components: a tutorial providing an overview of coral reefs; two downloadable lesson plans; and links to a variety of online information about coral reefs from the...
View Resource Hawaii Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program: Bibliographic Database

This coral reef-related Bibliographic Database was developed by the Hawaii Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program (CRAMP). CRAMP conducts research "designed to identify the controlling factors, both natural and anthropogenic, contributing to the stability, decline, or recovery of Hawaiian reefs. The CRAMP "Bibliographic Database contains listings for published and unpublished documents...
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