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Documentary television programs.

Frontline: On Our Watch

As the situation in Darfur continues to unfold, a number of media outlets have continued to investigate the United Nations involvement in the region. The journalists and researchers at the PBS program Frontline embarked on their own investigation into the subject. Along the way, they explored China's economic interests in the region, the actions of the Security Council, and those of various UN...
The Jewish Americans

Noted filmmaker David Grubin recently completed a documentary for PBS which explores 350 years of Jewish American history. This compelling profile focuses on the tension between "identity and assimilation" and at its heart is "quintessentially an American story." Visitors to the site can start their journey through the site by watching video clips from the program organized by themes. These themes...
NOVA: Sputnik Declassified

The Russian satellite Sputnik was one of the many very visible and tangible markers of the Cold War, and it was effectively the first proverbial shot fired in the so-called "Space Race" during the 1950s and 1960s. Recently, PBS's NOVA program decided to draw on newly released top-secret documents to offer a portrait of this famous satellite and the early days of the Space Race. Visitors can view a...
NOVA: Space Shuttle Disaster

After the 2003 Columbia tragedy, NASA launched a full-scale investigation into the events that unfolded that February day. Recently, NOVA produced this full-length documentary featuring interviews with a wide range of experts and scientists regarding these events. Visitors to the site can watch the program online or purchase the DVD. A transcript, broadcast credits and participants are also...
Secrets of the Dead

Produced by member station WNET, PBS's "Secrets of the Dead" is a fascinating look into the "most iconic moments in history to debunk myths and shed new light on past events." The team of experts on the show uses a wide range of techniques, including historical examination and forensic science to challenge established wisdom and also turn a spotlight on forgotten mysteries. Visitors to the site...
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