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View Resource Spaghettilearning 1.1

For anyone interested in the field of online education and its management, this internet e-learning platform will be of great interest. Developed in Italy (and available in both English and Italian), this platform allows teachers the ability to upload lessons, track students, offer tests, provide online forums, and post notes. The platform also comes with an auto-install feature and an...
View Resource Digital Promise Project: Proposal for the Digital Opportunity Investment Trust (DO IT)

The Digital Promise Project, led by leaders in fields of communications and humanities (whose extensive backgrounds are described in the Principals section), has spearheaded a proposal to the U.S. Congress to create the Digital Opportunity Investment Trust (DO IT). Addressing the technology needs of learning in the 21st century, the charge of this nonprofit, nongovernmental agency would be "to...
View Resource Two on Internet Plagiarism is an "online resource for educators concerned with the growing problem of Internet plagiarism." The organization provides information on online plagiarism and explains how can be used by educators "to fight plagiarism and help bring academic integrity back into our schools." The technologies behind, facts about Internet plagiarism, and the growth of...
View Resource Tech Learning: Resource for Education Technology Leaders is produced by Technology & Learning Magazine. The magazine is available online and includes contributions from K-12 teachers, administrators and other experts in technology education. Feature articles in the March 2004 issue include Data: Mining with a Mission and Network Monitoring: A 360-Degree Plan. Websites, technology trends, and innovative classrooms or schools are also...
View Resource Seattle Community Colleges Television

Perhaps some users of the Scout Report are thinking to themselves, "I wonder where on the internet I might be able to watch a course on anthropology, listen and watch artists from the Northwest talk about their work, then watch an in-depth conversation with entrepreneurs and business leaders." Well, the waiting is over, as the Seattle Central Community College has created the SCCtv website,...
View Resource International Education and Resource Network (iEARN)

iEARN is an international nonprofit organization that connects over 15,000 schools in 100 countries through Internet networks. Using the Internet and other communications technologies, students and teachers conduct collaborative educational projects that meet curricular goals in Arts / Literature / Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math / Science / Environment. Participants choose from over 120...
View Resource Study Stack

Developed by John Weidner, the Study Stack concept basically assists individuals to memorize information about various subjects, including geography, history, math, languages, and science. Users of the site can select one of the existing stacks, which consists of virtual study cards allowing individuals to learn at their own pace until they are satisfied with their progress. What is also...
View Resource U.S. Department of Education: Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers To Use Technology

The U.S. Department of Education's Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers To Use Technology (PT3) grant program started in 1999. PT3 provides grants to "transform teacher education so that technology is integrated throughout teaching and learning" and so "new teachers enter the classroom prepared to effectively use the computers that await them." The website offers stories about innovative strategies used...
View Resource Campus Computing Project

The Campus Computing Project is an ongoing study of the role of information technology in American higher education. Each year about 600 two- and four-year public and private colleges and universities participate in the Campus Computing Survey. The focus of the survey is on "campus planning and policy issues affecting the role of information technology in teaching, learning, and scholarship." The...
View Resource PBS: TeacherLine

PBS TeacherLine provides teachers with "online professional development in mathematics and technology integration." The site offers online courses, facilitated discussions, self-paced professional development, as well as online resources and tools that can be used to plan your professional development. PBS member stations offer the courses for a fee but resources on Mathematics, Science,...
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