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View Resource BBC: Wildfacts

Would you like to learn more about your favorite animal? This excellent BBC: Wildfacts website provides teachers, students and wildlife enthusiasts with useful information and facts about hundreds of animals. Wildfacts website users can perform a Basic Search for a specific animal using common or scientific names or an Advanced Search through categories such as habitat, diet, distribution and...
View Resource Hibernation

In the deep still of winter many animals are hibernating. What knowledge or inspiration can humans gain from our hibernating kin? The following websites present important and interesting information that people have discovered from studying hibernation. The first site, both comprehensive and well-designed, provides a good overview of hibernation and defines related terms such as torpor,...
View Resource Animal Tracks

For those of us living in Northern climates, when winter snow covers the landscape it provides great conditions to search for animal tracks. The following websites provide an abundance of information and resources about the ancient art of animal tracking. The first site(1 ), Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den, is an excellent comprehensive "online field guide to tracks and tracking." The site...
View Resource National Geographic: Crittercam

What would it be like to be a harbor seal? Wouldn't it be fascinating to go on the prowl with lions? With assistance from the National Science Foundation and the National Geographic, Crittercam makes it possible, both on television and on this fine website. The Crittercam device (which fits safely and securely on animals) was initially conceived by Greg Marshall, who got the idea after observing a...
View Resource Animal Instincts

Hosted by's Lesson Plans Library, this Animal Instincts lesson plan was created for fifth and sixth graders by Virginia elementary school teacher Jessie Kraft. The lesson teaches students about differences between instincts and learned behavior, the role instincts play in survival, and the relationship between environment and behavior. The site contains sections on Objectives,...
View Resource Animal Behavior Society: Laboratory Exercises in Animal Behavior

Developed by an animal behavorist, Dr. Ken Yasukawa, and a teacher, Rebecca Brooks, these laboratory exercises for high school students represent a rare pairing of researcher and teacher. Exceptionally well designed and explained, these exercises -- including titles such as Ethograms of Mice, Squirrels and Food Selection, Crickets and Territory Defense, and more -- should definitely be a great...
View Resource Animal Behavior Society Web Site

Established in 1964, the Animal Behavior Society (ABS) "is a non-profit scientific society, founded to encourage and promote the study of animal behavior." The four major sections of the ABS website include background information about the Society, an Applied Animal Behavior section, Animal Behavior in Practice, and an ABS administrative section designed mostly for members and those interested in...
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