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Ixquick Metasearch

Branding itself "the world's most private metasearch engine," Ixquick also features a clean and simple interface. Ixquick indexes fourteen search engines and directories, though users can pick and choose between them if they desire. The real appeal of Ixquick, however, is its "star rating" system for reporting results. While some metasearch engines might be fooled by irrelevant entries at the top...
WebBrain (Beta)

Created by, a visual information management software company, this new site offers a nifty way of browsing the Open Directory Project (ODP) (see the November 20, 1998 Scout Report). With WebBrain's animated interface, users can view their search and browsing results as a dynamic diagram instead of a long list. As with any other site that accesses the ODP, users can browse the...

Hot on the heels of AltaVista's Raging Search (see the May 5, 2000 Scout Report) comes another returned and (somewhat) slimmed-down search engine that focuses on relevant results. Like Raging Search, Excite's new Precision Search uses Google-style link analysis technology ("Deep Analysis") to help identify the most useful sites. Test queries produced consistently relevant results among the top few...

This new service is a partnership between LookSmart and the Gale Group, a publisher of research and reference materials for libraries, businesses, and information technologists. The site offers free access to the full-text of articles published in over 350 magazines and journals dating from 1998. Users can search the database by keyword and by one of the nine subject categories (Arts &...
New Search Area for the NCES WebSite

Unveiled on July 6, this new area simplifies searches at the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) Website. The page features a site-wide keyword search engine and four targeted search tools. The first of these, the Electronic Catalog, helps users find NCES publications and data products, with several search methods, and related information, including a listing of the most popular NCES...
Google Advanced Search

Google has unveiled an advanced search page, which features pull-down menus that allow users to specify included and excluded keywords and domains, specify languages, and find pages that link to or are similar to specified pages. The page also links to Google's topic-specific search pages (US Government, Mac, Linux, etc.).
FindSounds is new search engine devoted to finding sample sounds and sound effects on the Web. The easy-to-use search feature offers variables including the file formats AIFF, .wav, and .au; mono or stereo; resolution; sample rate; and maximum file size up to two megabytes; as well as simply the subject of the sound. For those who might feel overwhelmed, there is also a partial directory of...

iMesh is a file-sharing program, like Gnutella, that allows users to locate and download audio, image, and video files from the computers of other iMesh users. Searches can be conducted using iMesh or through the iMesh Website. The latest version includes several useful features, such as simultaneous downloads, the option to select which files you want to share and control which files your...
Google Image Search

Google has an image search engine, which claims to be the most comprehensive on the Web, indexing over 150 million images. Keyword searches produce return pages with 20 thumbnails, each of which includes image size information and the URL of the source page. Clicking on a thumbnail produces a framed page with a larger image of the thumbnail above the full page on which the image was found. Users...
Google Advanced Search: Google Adds Date-Based Searching

Google has introduced yet another new feature to its dominant search engine -- date-based searching. Users can access this feature on the advanced search page, limiting their searches to pages that have been updated in the past three months, six months, or year. Definitely worth a spin.
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